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Our expertise Reservoir Engineering. We are experts in topics like: well testing, enhanced oil recovery, multiphase flow, fluid system, fields data recovery, well performance, reservoir geology, etc.Reservoir Engineering

One of our areas of expertise is Reservoir Engineering. Since 1996 SOGOS delivers consultants all around the globe to advise and to cooperate in various reservoir engineering business cases. All our consultants have more than 30 years of experience (on average) in relevant oil & gas / E&P companies.


Our consultants are experts in topics like:

  • The geology of the reservoir (layers, faults, compartments, etc.)
  • The properties of the reservoir and the hydrocarbons (permeability, porosity, PVT, saturations, etc.)
  • Field recovery and productivity optimisation
  • Improvement of reservoir and well performance
  • Modeling and (numerical) simulation
  • Well testing
  • Fluid system thermodynamics
  • Single and multiphase flow
  • Analysing pressures
  • Fluid distribution
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods
  • Forecasting and reservoir planning

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