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Consulting services

SOGOS’ discipline engineers and management consultants offer advice and support in any area within the oil and gas industry, with the emphasis on the route from product reservoir till custody transfer point.We co-operate with our clients in an independent and open minded manner using our insights into market developments and will always stay result oriented. Our advice and support ranges from short-term to long-term projects.

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Training services

SOGOS offers, besides the consulting services, also training services. The first-class technical training solutions are offered under the name: Sogos Academy. SOGOS Academy is a trademark of Sogos Consultants B.V.. The Academy offers trainings in any area within the oil and gas industry. The trainings can be delivered in different ways: public trainings, in-company (in-house) trainings, on-the-job trainings and self-study trainings. All trainings are given by dedicated professional industry trainers with 30 years (on average) of experience in relevant companies.

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Competence Management

SOGOS provides, under the name of SOGOS Academy, a Competency Management System, which supports a client’s entire line, from Operator up to the Asset Manager. It is a ready-to-use framework, which can be easily tailored to clients specific needs. Both, implementation time and money invested, are kept to a minimum, whilst insight into the skills of staff is maximized. Ultimately resulting into crystal clear individual staff development plans to assure competent professionals in the oil & gas business.

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