QHSE Statement

qhse statement

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QHSE Statement

Focus in the SOGOS QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) Policy is on human and organizational factors, because they dominate risks in all kind of ways.

Sogos therefore requires from their staff and consultants under contract the relevant expertise, commitment and accountability related to QHSE aspects in all their dealings.

This includes:

      – Comply with applicable QHSE laws, standards and regulations in those countries and with those companies where SOGOS operate.
      – Apply technical / operational skills to all QHSE aspects in training and consultancy services.
      – Understanding and execution of life safety rules (e.g. work permits, journey management, etc.)
      – Conduct SOGOS principles of integrity and respect for people and environment.

Within all the SOGOS learning and competency training courses attention is being paid to developing staff in QHSE skills. Given the high rate of accidents related to Logistics activities ,specific attention will be paid to on- and offshore Logistics training (e.g. land transport /helicopter safety practices).

QHSE is an integral part of SOGOS organization, culture, learning and services objectives. SOGOS is proud of continue improving their consultancy services in order to excel to customer requirements.

Sogos Consultants policies and procedures are externally audited by the FPAL